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Get to know your coaches part one: Rich Hudd

As coaches, we are in the unique position of getting to know more and more about your children as the weeks pass. We get to have some fantastic conversations with them about school, friends, hobbies and general interests (and of course football) but we thought that it might be good for you, and the children, to get to know a little about us!

We are kicking things off with our Club Manager Rich who is also the Club Secretary and Team Manager for the U12's and so we put some questions to him.......

1. Which team do you support? The most successful English team ever - Manchester United!

2. What is your day job? International man of mystery, AKA Head of Commercial Business Processes at Rotork (How many of you are Googling 'Rotork' right now? )

3. If you could buy or do anything for Dilton Rovers FC, what would you do? Sort out the drainage, so the locals can use the playing field, and the teams can play matches, all year round.

4. What is the most rewarding thing about being part of a youth football team? Being able to help the children develop socially, technically and psychologically while having fun with their friends.

5. Do you ever wish you were on the pitch playing and not on the side-line? I love playing the game and miss being part of a competitive team.

6. What is your favourite meal? Wow - difficult question! As you can see I love food. I especially like Chinese food.

7. What is your favourite holiday destination? A family holiday in Orlando Florida is difficult to beat. Fun in the sun.

8. What are your pet hates? People who aren't honest and hide behind others.

9. What is the dream for Dilton Rovers FC? To have great facilities in Dilton Marsh and to be able to provide progressive football for children in every age group.

10. If you could have any professional footballer, dead or alive, join the team who would it be and why? Dwight Yorke - always played with a smile on his face.

11. What's it's like having Matt, Ian and Sam as assistant coaches? I really couldn't manage the team without the support of the other coaches. They're great with the children and provide a diverse learning experience for all.

Up next: Ian Philps


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